7 Ways To Market Your Business- Without the Budget

Especially when a business is first starting out, it may not be in the budget to hire a marketing specialist to help you in marketing your business. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t complete a few simple steps to do this for yourself.Give yourself the opportunity to grow your own business affordably.

Local Listings

An easy way to gain online exposure is to assure that you have input you information into the local listing database. Places like Bing, Google, and YellowPages can all benefit you by creating a way for potential clientele to contact you upon need. This is the easiest way to assure that you get your business name, telephone number, and location out into the public.

Audit Your SEO

A second way is to assure that you are consistently auditing SEO on your website. Assuring that each and every page on your website is connected to keywords, you can assure a search engine friendly website, creating many more business opportunities. Updating your keywords can help you to gain notoriety, as well as improving your visibility to possible consumers.

Targeted Email List

By building a marketing list of emails, you can gain potential consumers while keeping current customers in the loop. By creating an email list, you can assure that your business will always be in their mind. Sending emails in regards to promotions, specials and other information can create an interest of some of these spectators.

Create an “opt in” function within your website to allow browsers to input their email addresses to receive coupons and deals, as well as keep your business first in their minds.

Use Social Media

By using social media,  you can create a closer connection to consumers. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media outlets allow you to share information and create a following. Instead of consistently posting only about your products and services, try posting interesting facts and fun information to get their attention…and keep them returning for more.

Build A Blog

In addition to social media, create a blog for your business as well. These can be shared over social media, to answer questions, and provide factual information about your product or services to potential clients. If you provide them with knowledge and information, this can create comfort to the reader to allow them proof that you know what you are talking about in the way of your business.

Monitor Google Analytics

As a business owner, you should be studying your Google Analytics data. Google Analytics can provide you with information about what users are visiting your website. This can give you a better understanding of who you should be targeting your product or services to within the general population. It can provide you with information such as location, and age demographics to better target your business.

Build Relationships

Reaching out to media in surrounding areas is also a good way to grow your business. Public Relationships can create a fine way to get your business name out into the public eye. Contact media outlets around you to simply introduce yourself, and let them know you are available if they ever have any questions about your brand. While this isn’t completely SEO related, the two provide good ways of approaching the public appropriately.

While network marketing specialists can be a pricey item to budget, it is recommended if you can afford it. By having someone else network your business for you, you can focus solely on your business and consumers. But, if you are just starting, the tips above can help you to create SEO strategies to improve the visibility of your business.

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