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1. HQ Digital Marketing will guarantee successful SEO results within 90 days of the start of SEO services (Herein referred to as the “Guarantee Date”).
2. Successful SEO results, for the purpose of this guarantee, will be defined as: the Client’s website and/or other content will be listed in the organic results area on page one of Google, for anyone of the Keywords in the Search Engine Optimization Terms, when searched for by an individual not logged in to Google and located in, with cleared cookies and browsing history.
3. If HQ Digital Marketing cannot demonstrate successful results by the Guarantee Date, HQ Digital Marketing will refund the Client the full amount of recurring fees paid to date by Client. If HQ Digital Marketing is able to demonstrate successful results or if Client terminates the Agreement any time before the Guarantee Date, HQ Digital Marketing will not be obligated to refund the Client any money.
4. If Client has received any custom-developed software, any refund the Client may be entitled to will be reduced by fifty percent.
5. Client agrees to provide files, documents, information, access, and other items requested by HQ Digital Marketing in order to perform the Services. Client understands that failure to provide the requested items in a timely manner dramatically impacts HQ Digital Marketing’s ability to achieve successful result by the Guarantee Date. Therefore, Client agrees that any delay greater than seven days in providing the requested items will result in automatic forfeiture and waiver of the Money-Back Guarantee.
6. If the results are not deemed successful, according to the definition provided in this Appendix, but the Client is nonetheless satisfied with the results achieved, the Client may waive the right to a refund and continue receiving Services from HQ Digital Marketing according to this Agreement.
7. If the Client is entitled to and exercises the option for a refund, this Agreement will terminate and HQ Digital Marketing will:

a. Issue the refund owed within 30 days.
b. As best as possible, reverse all Services provided to include the removal or deletion of any design, content, backlinks, sites, accounts, tools, software, and/or Services provided, created, or installed by HQ Digital Marketing.
c. Restore the Client’s Previous Website on the Client’s server. If the Client did not have a website prior to this Agreement, HQ Digital Marketing will not be required to provide one to the Client.

8. If Client is entitled to a refund according to this guarantee, but waives the right to a refund and wishes to terminate the Agreement, it will be the Client’s choice to have HQ Digital Marketing reverse everything as best as possible or have everything left in place and transferred to the Client.

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