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Branding And Logo Design

Branding, for service-based businesses, is important for keeping the company memorable and for associating company values to the business.  For this reason, branding refers to the combination of logos, marks, and naming utilized for referring to the business as well as all messaging and published content.  We will help with following:

  1. DEVELOP A UNIFIED BRAND IDENTITY – Many companies will discrepancies between their company name, the website domain name, the email branding, and the social media handles & accounts.  Having the same the brand name all mediums will strengthen your brand, remove possible brand confusion, make your brand more memorable, and help your company easier to find. The process of finding a company name that works for all criteria and is available across all digital properties can be time consuming and overwhelming for people.  We handle all of this for you.  We also help you find a brand name violates the fewest “laws” of brand naming, such as name length, ease of pronunciation, ease of spelling, not homonymous, application in advertising, and more.
  2. LOGO DESIGN – We will design a new logo or refresh an existing one for you.  You’ll receive at least three logo concepts, with nearly unlimited revisions until you have a logo that you love and has mass appeal to your target audience.  You’ll also receive a consultation to determine the intended use of your logo, so it can be properly designed for all applications. For example: a logo that will be embroidered must work well in one or two colors with low detail: a logo that will be etched must be work well in monochrome (one color): a logo used on a street sign must have character spacing considerations for readability at a distance.  Your final logo selection will then be delivered to you, ready to go, in every file format you could ever need (ai, pdf, png, jpg, eps, etc) as well as an explanation of usage for each format.
  3. SUPPORT STATEMENT AND TAGLINE DEVELOPMENT – If your company name requires a slogan or support statement to go along with the logo or to be used separately, we will develop over 30 different options for you to consider and provide consolation for the selection and usage of your support statement or slogan.


All-Inclusive Package: $350   |   Logo Only: $250   |   Identity Development: $200   |   Tagline Development: $150

*Our All-Inclusive Package is included with Website Development for no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive a new customized logo, a custom business card design, custom designed stationary with letterhead, and a custom designed envelope.

We will have 3 different designers develop custom concepts for you and once we identify a designer that fits the style that you are looking for, you are able to make revisions until you have exactly what you want.

Great question!  No you don’t have to pay for both.  Branding and Logo Design are included in the price of your website!

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