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One of the highest possible forms of establishing credibility is the publishing of a book.  Being a published author instantly increases the credibility and authority of the author.  In today’s digital world, we are able to accomplish the same with the publishing of digital content.

What is Content Marketing and how is it beneficial?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content.  The content must be tailored to your target audiences and either makes them smarter for consuming the content themselves, or makes them look smarter when sharing it.  The high levels of consumption and syndication of quality content exponentially amplifies the return on investment from SEO, SMM, and direct marketing.

We create content that establishes your credibility and increases your authority in your industry.   The content will be created in simple terms that are comprehensible to your target audiences and titled in a manner that invites engagement, provokes curiosity, and/or attracts search engine traffic.  Once content is created, it will be posted to your blog, and should be promoted across all social media channels and content sharing platforms.


1 Article Per Month: $48   |   2 Articles Per Month: $96   |   4 Articles Per Month: $192

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