Google Penalties- What You Should Know


Search engines are created and run off of their know how and abilities to successfully provide what users need and desire- easy and effective access to information that they need. In order to provide this, each search engine company has standard and required rules, and search engines often penalize websites who do not follow them. Google, one of the most prestigious search engines, has strong penalties for those web designers who do not follow their stringent policies.They have one of the strongest filters to reduce irrelevant information. Penalties can also occur as a result of an unintended result of updates. As a web owner, you should know and understand some of Google’s penalties to assure success within your optimization journey.

Quality Matters

Google forces creators to provide unique and high grade content. Therefore, SEO experts cannot simply move up Google rankings by inputting random keywords with low quality content. Some people see that their web page has been penalized because they are no longer ranking as high on Google, or that your web page is falling behind further and further on page searches. You may also notice if your web page is not cached within search results.

Penalties can be caused due to misusing or overusing links to external sites- this is forbidden by Google. Bad links can also be flagged as spam. This can cause a penalty to your site. Always assure that your links are working and that your content is not replicated, as these can cause penalties. While keywords are helpful, having to0 many can be harmful. Use keywords carefully, and avoid overused wording. Provide unique content and keywords to push your website rank higher; using more keywords of less value will be flagged. In Search Engine Optimization, you should be careful to maintain your comment sections within your web pages as well. If you have too many spam comments, this can cause Google to flag your website.

Find The Balance

There is a sensitive balance between the lines to decipher between raising ranks and receiving penalties. By assuring original content, proper monitoring and creativity can help you to avoid making mistakes that can cause your web page to become penalized. Be sure to ask your SEO expert to help you with these mastering these techniques.

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