How to Handle a Negative Review

As a business owner, there will be times that you simply cannot please every customer or client that you come into contact with. This is just one of the most difficult sides of running a business. While you should always strive to please every consumer, sometimes this just won’t be possible.

Whether it be a busy time for you and you cannot help a consumer within a timely manner, or maybe a service they requested was not to his or her satisfaction; sometimes you just cannot change the outcome. Maybe it was a misunderstanding between yourself and the client, and sometimes, it may just be a difficult consumer that you cannot gratify. Whatever the case, this can lead to negative reviews on your web page, or social media accounts. You should just consider that this will happen to you at least once throughout the time that you own your business. So, how do you handle this? While it’s up to you, here are some tips in handling a negative review.

Taking The Positive From A Negative

As a business owner, you should look at a not so helpful review as a chance to show your potential consumers how you handle negativity, and how much you care about your consumers. First, you should always try to understand what happened with the unsatisfied customer. Secondly, you should always sincerely apologize. This step is also important because even if you feel you didn’t necessarily do something wrong or within your control, you should still apologize for making the person feel as if your services or products were unsatisfactory. While offering an apology, you should also do what you can to assure that reviewer that you are doing what you can to assure that the issue never occurs again.

Change The Perception

Next, try to figure out how you should approach the situation. Can the wrongdoing be reversed? Should you offer that client a coupon or a second chance to improve how this consumer views your business. By doing this, you can show potential consumers that you are willing to go out of your way to make an uncomfortable situation right, at no cost to the client.A client should never feel punished for sharing that they feel unsatisfied. You should always thank the reviewer, regardless if you feel you were in the wrong or not. By doing this, you are showing your potential client base that you value your consumers and their opinions. Be gracious and courteous at all times, and remain professional. Sometimes, this can be difficult when a nasty reviewer is spewing negativity about your hard working business, but this is an important step in showing potential clients your professionalism, and respect for a client regardless of how nasty they can be.

Nobody Likes To Wait

You should also assure a timely response to each review, good or bad. By giving yourself a time frame(generally 24 to 48 hours is considered timely) you can assure that nobody feels as if you are buying time on providing an appropriate response. By responding effectively, appropriately and respectfully, you can assure potential consumers that they should feel comfortable in working with you and your business. While a bad review can negatively affect your business, the way you respond may be the deciding factor in whether consumers feel comfortable in giving you a chance.

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