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Digital advertising is one way to advertise your business via the internet. There are two types of marketing platforms, and can be done via search engine or social media outlets. MDA is a way for you as an advertiser to create more business in a structured manner.


The Pay-Per-Click model is the most common amongst Managed Digital Advertising. This simply means that they consumer pays the manager each time his or her website is visited, because of the ad marketing. Costs are all different, based on what the client desires. For example, how often do you want your ad ran? In how many different areas of social media or search engines? What is your budget? Advertising may be a financial cost you do not want to miss on, as it can end up bringing in a greater amount of revenue through a larger group of consumers.

Search Engine Advertising

When using search engines to advertise, the marketer must allow ads to be found along sites such as(but not limited to): Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. When a user searches a similar subject or topic, this will allow the ad to pop up, creating more clicks on the website being viewed. In this instance, the client must pay the search engine per click of the website, not just to run the ad.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a little bit different. Social media(Facebook, Pinterest, ect) ads are not based on keywords searched, but targeting a certain group of people or audience whom may provide the most response from the ad. For example, targeting middle aged mothers with school aged children. Ads can be targeted to certain age groups, interests, lifestyle, financial means, and on and on. This may provide your ad to individuals who have not searched your topic, but may be interested because of who they are as an individual.

Management of digital advertising costs include the price of ad platforms, as well as the creation and design of the ad itself. Implementation, data analysis, and weekly monitoring is also added to the cost of your ad management.


$350 Campaign  Set Up Fee $250/month

* Certain fees maybe waived by acquiring aditional services or by agreeing to a service commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will begin seeing an increase in traffic after the first day that the ads go live.  However, you will continue seeing an increase in more qualified traffic as we continue testing and optimizing ad copy and keywords.

Technically there is no limit, however there will become a point where you begin seeing a diminished return.  At this point we can reevaluate and see if it is in your best interest to continue increasing your monthly budget.

The amount of traffic that you can expect to come to your website is dependent on your budget and how competitive your industry and target locations are.

The term “traffic” refers to the amount of visitors that come to your website.

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