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Reviews of your company or service can make or break your business. 75% of consumers state that they believe businesses lie on advertisements, leaving it up to consumer reviews to guide customers to your business. Did you know that just one bad review can lose up to 22% of your business? Reviews are always important, especially when you are looking to gain within your business.

The most important mistake that most business owners make is that they do not share their review pages on search engines or social media. Some even shut them off, so that people cannot leave reviews. This often shows people that there must be something wrong with your business, if you do not trust your current clients to leave a positive review. By adding this feature, you can add a great amount of business by simply using reviews.

The Positives Of Reviews

  • 9 out of 10 consumers would pay more to ensure great customer service
  • Positive reviews make consumers trust local businesses 72% of the time.
  • Shoppers spend 67% more time online after reading good reviews.
  • Consumers trust 88% of reviews that are posted online.
  • Consumers say that buying decisions were influenced 90% of the time by reviews read online.

By giving your clients access to all of your customer service reviews in one place, it can give them a good idea of what to expect with your company. This can help consumers to feel more comfortable with trying your business if they have other reviews to look upon when in their search. While many people believe that advertisements can be fabricated, your business can be backed up by good reviews, made by other consumers. SoTellUs can help to assure your clients are comfortable can be a great way to create new business, and returning businessl. This also gives you the chance to see if any clients have felt less than satisfactory services were provided- giving you the opportunity to correct it, and the opportunity to share your corrections with other consumers.

Ease Of Use

By using SoTellUs Software, your reviews can be created by consumers with a call, text, or video message, for other researching consumers to find easily on your website or search engine. The only thing you need to do? Share your reviews on your social media sites! Allow your consumers to create reviews specific to them, to help boost your sales and your clientele.


$399 Set Up Fee $199/month

*Certain fees maybe waived by acquiring aditional services.

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