Ranking In Google- What You Need To Know

When investing in Search Engine Optimization, as a consumer, you want to know when your investment will pay for itself. While timing cannot be promised, there are several different factors that play a part in how Google ranks your website.

It is important as a consumer to understand these Google Ranking Factors.

  1. Is your website mobile friendly? This is very important in ranking your website, as most of today’s users are searching from their mobile phone. Assuring that you have a mobile friendly website will help you to assure your ranking. Check out Google’s Mobile Friendly Testing
  2. Verify that your meta-tags are extremely accurate by using an H! tag with an explanatory keyword or phrase. In addition, make sure that your images have alt tag descriptions and link mentions where appropriate. If you are unsure on this step, it would be beneficial to hire an SEO expert to help complete these steps.
  3. Is your page original and unique to you and your business? Will individuals be able to find your products and services with every page opened? Assure that each page is connected to a separate keyword link in order to extend search efforts using SEO.
  4. Google Analytics and Console can help to gauge sites faster. This is also a helpful way to understand traffic to your site. Google sitemaps can also help Google to index all areas of your site properly.
  5. Adding a Google business page can help you to rank faster if your business is local.
  6. Add links to all social media accounts, including but not limited to: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ect.

Once your website is complete, use the SEO Audit Tool to catch any needed changes. After this step, it is time to sit back, watch your data and wait for consumers! Ranking on Google can take some time, sometimes even a few months. Ask yourself how aggressive your industry is, and how new and unique your content is.

Write blogs on a regular basis, and update information and website changes daily. By doing this, you can assure that Google will catch your activity and be on the forefront of their changes. While SEO does take time, it is an investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As long as it is completed correctly, you can assure your rankings will be improved in a timely manner.

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