There are those that argue SEO is no longer an effective way of sharing your website; however, as a marketing specialist, I can attest that there are more advantages than disadvantages. By regularly tracking your data, you can appropriately use SEO to market your website.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a beneficial marketing tool, in which can build a client base effectively. While google forwards each search into the correct area of search, SEO is superior in leading these searches. In a completed MarketDive study, 82% of marketers report SEO becoming more effective and efficient. SEO methods are generally more cost efficient than using other marketing techniques. While this system is also more forward, it is much simpler than other options, such as cold calling and mailing systems. 61% of outreach methods cost less than inbound methods.

Risks Of Not Investing In Search Engine Optimization

Not investing in SEO can be damaging to your search engine rankings. Due to recent changes in algorithms, this can be detrimental to your rankings. If not paying close attention, you can be doing more harm to your company than good. Improve your credibility with searching parties. If your company is a high ranking company, easily made available by entering a simple keyword- this can boost trust and credibility within potential clients. Without being able to find your website easily, consumers may think that you are ‘sketchy’ or ‘unreliable.’

Why Search Engine Optimization Works

According to a popular Google study, 40 percent of today’s searches are completed using smartphones. Meaning, that SEO gives you the benefit of being on top of your competitors with just a simple keyword. Mobile internet use is only rising at this point, so give yourselves the edge you need to beat your competitors.

SEO can also be used as a marketing experimenting tool in order to help determine what keywords your prospective clients are looking for, giving you further insight to what your consumers are looking for. SEO can provide one of the greatest ROI’s within marketing. Even though it may take some time to see(usually a few months), you will be thrilled with the growth it provides to your company!

Competition In Search Engine Optimization

SEO can help to generate consistent leads, if done properly. Studies show that searchers don’t generally scroll past the first page of results, dwindling your chances of consumer interest if your page isn’t one to pop up within that first results page. If you can master SEO and get your website to the top ranking, you can easily beat your competition. SEO can also help to convert leads into business. Instead of other marketing forms that go off of audience preference, it directs consumers to your specific brand or product.

SEO can give you an advantage over other similar brands or companies in your area. Competition between companies can be fierce, so using SEO to move your company upwards can be beneficial in getting your company information out there first, and before the other competition.

Search Engine Optimization Longevity

In the end, Search Engine Optimization isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Why not give yourself the upper hand over your competitors? Why pay for more when you can spend less and get even better results than the more expensive options? SEO is a growing marketing tool, in which will only help you grow your business significantly.

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