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Social media has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry; it’s nearly impossible to walk in public and not find people glued to their phones, engaging with social media.  Social media has changed the world, and continues to do so, replacing the way people learn, find, and communicate with each other and with companies.

For this reason, SMM works very well as stand-alone marketing strategy as well as a significant fortifier to an SEO strategy – providing “social proofing” that people and search engines both like.

Results Of Organic Social Media Marketing

  1. Greater reach and impact in marketing through sheer volume of contacts
  2. Building “followership” on each of the social media channels for both increased exposure and increased leverage with your new and existing referral sources.
  3. Increasing the number of referrals from real estate professionals, home inspectors, and other “power team” referrals by being actively engaged with them, staying on their mind at the time they give a referral, and by the “celebritization effect” of having a large follower base.
  4. A great volume of “unpaid” ads on craigslist social media networks.
  5. Increase the number of reviews for your business and increase its “social proof”, diminishing buyer’s reluctance.

Our Social Media Marketing Strategy

Our social media management services are designed to grow your brand’s online presence, establish trust, and build relationships with potential customers. Using our social media management services helps increase brand, product, and service awareness. We help you reach a new customer base by doing the following:

  1. WE CREATE UNIQUE CONTENT FOR YOUR BUSINESS – Content creation consists of the creation of posts that go out on your social media channels. We develop content that educates people about your industry,  brand, services, and products.  We also seek to engage their interest and inspire them to take action.
  2. WE INTERACT WITH YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS – Interactive engagement consists of engaging and interacting with your target audiences. This involves posting content that drives likes, comments, and shares. It also involves interacting and joining authentic conversations with people who may have a need or interest in you products or services.
  3. WE INCREASE YOUR FOLLOWERS – There are two ways we increase fans and followers for our clients. It consists of organic approaches or paid advertising. Organically, we increase followers by spending time each day using hashtags, following lots of people in your target audiences, liking other user’s posts, and much more.

When people engage with us (such as a “like” or a comment), we will use that opportunity to gain a “follower” or a “friend” and continue the engagement.  Any communication that requires your participation, such as customer satisfaction issues, will be forwarded to you or responded to in accordance with your guidance.


20 Hours Per Month (5 per week): $197   |   40 Hours Per Month (10 per week): $394

60 Hours Per Month (15 per week): $591   |   80 Hours Per Month (10 per week): $788

*All Social Media Marketing options require $350 campaign setup fee.  Certain fees maybe waived by acquiring aditional services or by agreeing to a service commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Organic Social Media Marketing is very helpful in customer retention and customer acquisition from referrals.  The important thing is to make sure that you are staying on your potential customers mind and that you are easily accessible when they need your product or service.

Organic Social Media is very helpful for most businesses, but it is not a perfect fit for every business.  If you would like a free analysis on your specific business or industry please do not hesitate to let us know.

Absolutely!  And to be completely honest, you should.  Nobody can interact with your customers and make a real connection like you can.  We always recommend that this is something that you do on your own, but if you are unable to then it is definitely better to pay us to do it rather than go without.

Unfortunately Organic Social Media Marketing does not include Facebook ads.  Facebook ads are included with our Managed Digital Advertising service.

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