Website Speed- Is Your Website Fast Enough?


One questions that is consistently asked by consumers is: does my website speed really matter?

Our answer? Absolutely.

A report from kissmetrics states that 47 percent of web viewers expect a website to load in less than two seconds. 40 percent of viewers claim that they will actually leave a site after three seconds if the page hasn’t loaded. This is scary news. This means, you have less than three seconds to prove your worthiness to your potential consumers before they leave, and more than likely not return. This also means that if the consumer finds a faster page within your competition, they will probably get what business could have been yours. All because your website didn’t load fast enough.

So what should you do to ensure your website speed? First you can make sure that your site is completely up to par. Keep images small in size, as larger images can affect your speed negatively. There are other areas that you can improve on within your website as well.

You can check your current site speed by using Google’s free PageSpeed tool. You can have a detailed idea of how fast your site is within a minute.

Hiring a webpage developer can save you much time and effort, as many developers specialize in assuring the web speed is adequate. If you are completely tech savvy and have the ability to assure your SEO is on track, then this is something you can probably complete yourself. However, if you feel that you don’t really know what you are doing, you should greatly consider hiring a web designer to save yourself time and effort in assuring that you have the fastest speeds possible.

Help yourself. Improve your business by simply enhancing your web speed. All while staying in front of the competition.

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